Color Permissions

EssentialsX includes permissions that let you control the individual formatting codes players can use in some commands.

This works for the following:

  • Sending a PM with /msg: essentials.msg.<suffix>
  • Sending mails with /mail: essentials.mail.<suffix>
  • Setting your own nickname with /nick: essentials.nick.<suffix>
  • Sending chat messages (requires EssentialsX Chat):<suffix>
  • Colors on signs (requires color signs to be enabled): essentials.signs.<suffix>

Below is a list of valid permissions suffixes. Note that some codes are only available on EssentialsX and above:

Suffix Color codes EssentialsX version
color (group) &0 &1 &2 &3 &4 &5 &6 &7 &8 &9 &a &b &c &d &e &f All versions
format (group) &l &m &n &o &r All versions
magic (group) &k All versions
black &0
dark_blue &1
dark_green &2
dark_aqua &3
dark_red &4
dark_purple &5
gold &6
gray &7
dark_gray &8
blue &9
green &a
aqua &b
red &c
light_purple &d
yellow &e
white &f
bold &l
strikethrough &m
underline &n
italic &o
reset &r

The individual permissions take priority over the "group" permissions. For example, if you set essentials.nick.color to true then set to false, players will be able to set their nicknames to any color except black.


If you want players to be able to change the color of their nickname but not the text itself, set the permission essentials.nick.changecolors to true. This will let them use color codes in their nickname, but the text will still have to match their own username.