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Need support with EssentialsX, or just want to chat about servers and plugins? We've got you covered.

Join the MOSS community on Discord

MOSS is one of the leading Discord communities for open source Minecraft projects.

You can get support for several plugins including EssentialsX, plus chat to fellow server owners and plugin developers from across the globe! We're always happy to welcome new members. Click here to join.

Discuss EssentialsX on GitHub

Want to report a bug, request a feature or contribute to EssentialsX? You can join in the discussion on GitHub.

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Feeling generous or just want to say hi? You can see news updates, chat to other patrons and leave comments for us over on our Patreon page. You can also pledge to EssentialsX to help support the project.

EssentialsX on IRC

For all the old-fashioned folk out there, you can join #essentialsx over on Note that the IRC channel is less active, so if you're looking for quick support, we strongly recommend joining MOSS on Discord instead.