Common issues with EssentialsX

Signs don't work

In your plugins/Essentials/config.yml file, you need to uncomment the lines under enabledSigns for each type of sign by removing the # before it:

  #- color
  - balance
  #- buy

In this example, the [balance] sign is enabled but the [buy] sign is not.
Note that enabling color means that players will be allowed to use color codes in the sign text, but still requires that another sign type is enabled.

EssentialsX overrides a command from Spigot or another plugin

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You can create an alias for commands using Bukkit's commands.yml file, which should be in your server root.

The example below does the following:

  • Overrides /gc with spark's /profiler command
  • Overrides /tell with the vanilla /tell command
  • Forces /msg to run EssentialsX's /msg command
    - "spark:profiler $1-"
    - "minecraft:tell $1-"
    - "essentials:msg $1-"

See the Bukkit wiki page for more information.

Another plugin is overriding an EssentialsX command

Typically, if EssentialsX finds another plugin providing a command with the same name as one of EssentialsX's own commands, it will try and hand over that command to the other plugin. However, you can force EssentialsX to handle commands that are also provided by another plugin using the overridden-commands section of your config.yml. This will tell EssentialsX not to "give up" the command to the other plugin.

For example, to force EssentialsX to handle the /msg command instead of passing it over to another plugin, your section should look like this:

  - msg

Note that in some cases, you may also need to alias the command to the essentials: version of the command. See above for details. In addition, if you have a plugin running on your proxy (BungeeCord/Waterfall or Velocity), the command may not even reach the server. EssentialsX can't do anything about this - you need to fix this on the proxy.

Tab completion doesn't work for commands that override an EssentialsX command

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You can alias the command to the version from the other plugin, which should fix tab complete behaviour - see above.

I need help with GroupManager!
Where's the updated GroupManager?

EssentialsX does not support GroupManager as it is an outdated and broken plugin. We recommend you switch to LuckPerms as it is still an actively maintained and regularly updated plugin.

How do I build EssentialsX?

Once you've ensured you have an up-to-date JDK and Maven installed, you need to build a few different Spigot versions using Spigot BuildTools:

java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.8
java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.8.3
java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.9
java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.9.4

This is required to allow EssentialsX's compatibility providers can build against older versions of the Spigot server, and only needs to be done once.

Next, download or clone EssentialsX, open a terminal in the root of the EssentialsX source and run:

mvn clean install

If this completes with no errors, you will be able to find each plugin jar in the target subdirectory of the respective plugin's directory - Essentials/target/ will contain the EssentialsX jar, EssentialsSpawn/target/ will contain the EssentialsXSpawn jar and so on.

How do I add EssentialsX as a dependency?


Under repositories in your pom.xml, you need to add a new repository for the EssentialsX CI server:


Next, add EssentialsX as a dependency under dependencies:


Make sure the dependency is provided - you don't want to include the whole of EssentialsX inside your plugin.

You should now be able to build against EssentialsX's API in your IDE - you may need to reimport your project for this to work.


First, add the repository to your build.gradle:

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""

Next, add the dependency as a compileOnly dependency:

dependencies {
    compileOnly 'net.ess3:EssentialsX:2.16.1'

You should now be able to build against EssentialsX's API in your IDE.