The core EssentialsX jar contains many of the core features for most servers. This includes most commands as well as signs, kits and the economy. You need this jar for all the other modules to work.

EssentialsX AntiBuild

EssentialsX AntiBuild adds permissions to your server that gives you fine control over which players can build, interact with blocks or craft on your server. You can control individual items and blocks for specific groups or users, or simply allow or deny entire groups from building at all using build flags. It also includes an alert system for when players use certain items. For more information, see the AntiBuild wiki page (item IDs have been removed in 1.13+).

Note that AntiBuild doesn't include any kind of region protection; to restrict building in specific regions we recommend installing WorldGuard.

We recommend you use LuckPerms with AntiBuild to make the most of its features.

EssentialsX Chat

EssentialsX Chat includes many of EssentialsX's chat features. It allows you to customise chat formatting on your server by adding prefixes, suffixes and colours in chat, as well as setting different formats for different groups.

You need Vault and LuckPerms to give players prefixes and suffixes and to detect groups.

EssentialsX GeoIP

EssentialsX GeoIP displays an approximate lookup of where your players come from based on looking up their IP in a geographical database. This lookup can be seen by admins either when players log in or in /whois.

EssentialsX Protect

EssentialsX Protect allows you to control some simple settings for your worlds, like preventing creepers from damaging buildings, disabling fire spread and blocking certain types of mob spawns.

Note that Protect doesn't include any kind of region protection; to protect specific regions we recommend installing WorldGuard.

EssentialsX Spawn

EssentialsX Spawn lets you control where players spawn both when they first join the server and when they die. You can use the in-game /setspawn command to set a spawn location for everyone on your server as well as for specific groups.

EssentialsX Discord

EssentialsX Discord brings a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, and bloat-free bridge between Discord and Minecraft.

EssentialsX Discord offers essential features you'd want from a Discord bridge such as:

  • MC Chat -> Discord Channel
  • Discord Channel -> MC Chat
  • Basic MC -> Discord Event Monitoring (Join/Leave/Death/Mute)
  • MC Console -> Discord Relay
  • Discord Slash Commands
    • /execute - Execute console commands from Discord
    • /msg - Message Minecraft players from Discord
    • /list - List players currently online on Minecraft
  • & more...

For more information on how to set up EssentialsX Discord, check out the EssentialsX Discord tutorial!

EssentialsX Discord Link extends EssentialsX Discord with new features to sync in-game groups with Discord roles!

EssentialsX Discord Link offers features such as:

  • Vault Group -> Discord Role Synchronization
  • Discord Role -> Vault Group Synchronization
  • Prevent unlinked players from joining
  • Prevent unlinked players from moving/chatting
  • & more...

For more information, check out the Discord Link tutorial!

EssentialsX XMPP (legacy)

EssentialsX XMPP acts as a bridge between Jabber/XMPP chat networks and your server.
Players can chat between XMPP networks and your server, and server admins can also monitor the console and server errors remotely.

For more information, see the Essentials XMPP guide.

If you don't know what XMPP is, you don't need this!